Great Harry

Following another " big scale" example, at 1:1000. The tudor flagship Henry Grace a Dieu (1545). This model won a Second prize, in a naval modelling contest held in Argentina, hosted by the Centro Naval, in 1988.

The so called "great Harry" wa originally built in 1514, but unfortunately no accurate record of the original appearance exists today. Between 1536 and 1539 it was rebuilt following the king's porders to increase the fire power basing on th recently deviced system of combined artillery. New rigging was added to improve maneuverability. The model bases on the depiction made by the naval gunner Anthony Anthony. 

The finding and recovery of the other contemporary carrack,  the Mary Rose, sunk in 1545 during the battle of Portmouth, allowed for a greater precision on the constructive details.

It is worth noting the strakes run "caravel" or "top" up to the main deck to allow for wateright gun ports. Lower down the planking was klinker affording better leak resistance of the hull. The painted shields on the gunwales were indeed removable hardwood windows through which soldiers could fire. On the mast tops, the finest archers were posted.

The heavy fortified ship was a lumbering giant housing a crew of 1000. Nevertheless, its appearance might have scared the opponents due to the awesome firepower and sheer sturdiness. 


Henry Grace a Dieu. Starboard broadside. Note the grapling hook dangling from the bowsprit and the complex painting and details of bulwarks.






















The challenge in this arrangement is that the model rests on a special column base, the lamp standing vertical with the socket down.

Please note that the lamp is a 500w bulb, the model roughly measuring (hull without bowsprit) 7cm.


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